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Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs®

Pork & Beef Hot Dogs (4 Packs)

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The ultimate 7.5-inch water dog with a custom blended grind gives this dog an amazing snap while staying plump, tender and juicy. A true water dog with clean, all-natural spices and an unmistakable juicy pop.
Man does not live by foie gras alone. It's a noble thing to make a damn good hot dog.®
- Anthony Bourdain

  • Four 16.2oz packs (over 4lbs) of pork & beef blend hot dogs
  • 6 hot dogs per pack - that's 24 total hot dogs
  • Linked, maple wood smoked pork & beef blend hot dogs in natural lamb casing
  • Perfect for simmering in water

Snap-O-Razzo Pork & Beef Hot Dogs INFORMATION

The ultimate 7.5-inch water dog is here. A custom blended grind helps gives this dog an amazing snap while staying plump, tender and juicy. The key is keeping as much flavor as possible within the emulsion of the hot dog while they heat up in water. This is a true water dog with an unmistakable juicy pop.



  • Our hot dogs can stay fresh in the fridge for months, with an ideal max refrigeration time of 3 months from when you receive them.
  • For long term storage, put them in the freezer for up to 11 months and thaw when ready to use.
  • Chef has conducted extensive studies to ensure freshness and preserve that naturally juicy snap for as long as possible!


  • For most states, shipping will be a flat $15 per box. For others, it will be a calculated rate.
  • This includes a styrofoam cooler, cardboard box, and gel packs to keep your dogs chilled in transit. We are continually working with FedEx to negotiate the best rates for our customers.
  • You can expect to receive your hot dogs within 3-9 days from placing your order. We only ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays.


How to cook

Snap-O-Razzo Pork & Beef Hot Dogs are best cooked in a saucepan or pot with just enough water to cover them, bringing them up to temp low and slow for about 10 – 15 mins. If you live in an area with tap water that is not drinkable, Chef recommends using filtered or bottled water.

  • Maple hardwood smoked
  • Custom, old-world inspired hot dogs with a unique, clean all-natural spice profile
  • Natural lamb casings from New Zealand
  • No MSG, fillers, or additives
  • Zero unnatural flavors
  • Higher in protein and lower in fat & sodium than most brands
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free

For more information, visit our FAQs page.

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