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You can cook your Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs however you like. This is America! But these hot dogs were designed with specific cooking methods in mind to bring out the absolute best qualities of each style. And we highly encourage you to try it!

Snap-O-Razzo Beef Hot Dogs

These hot dogs are designed to replicate Chef’s childhood memories of the hot dogs he loved at many of New York City’s best Jewish delis. They are specifically designed to be cooked in a similar way.
How to Cook
Line your griddle with foil and a touch of canola oil. Snap-O-Razzo Beef Hot Dogs are best cooked at a low temperature, rolling them periodically on a foil lined griddle, low and slow. Roll hot dogs until you reach your desired crispness, Chef suggests for anywhere from 10 to 20 mins. He usually chars them longer when he is in the mood for a super crispy one.
Don’t have a griddle? Just take a small baking sheet, line it with foil, add a touch of canola oil, and place on your stovetop burner at a low tempeture.

Snap-O-Razzo Pork & Beef Hot Dogs

A custom, course grind helps gives this dog an amazing snap while staying plump, tender, and juicy. The key is keeping as much flavor as possible within the emulsion of the hot dog.
There is a hard smoke on these since they are designed to be water dogs. If you cook them on the grill, they may be a tad smokey but that all comes down to preference. This is a true water dog with an unmistakable juicy pop. They can sit in water for quite a while. And it is a sin to boil your water with these delicate, curated quality hot dogs!
How to Cook
Snap-O-Razzo Pork & Beef Hot Dogs are best cooked in a saucepan or pot with just enough water to cover them, bringing them up to temp low and slow for about 10 – 15 mins. If you live in an area with tap water that is not drinkable, please use filtered or bottled water.

Quick N’ Easy
for The Kiddos

If you are in a hurry to feed the kids, simply microwave the hot dog for 25-30 seconds (for a 1000-watt microwave). The hot dogs may start to split if cooked too long. We have done multiple tests on this to make sure the home cook can still serve a tasty hot dog with a juicy snap for the kids even using the microwave.