Newswire (2024)

Snap-O-Razzo is thrilled to be on Newswire with a sizzling announcement: the launch of our game-changing 'Beefy Butcher' hot dog! This first-of-its-kind offering is ready to redefine your grilling game. As part of our exciting expansion, we're bringing the Snap-O-Razzo flavor to over 10 states starting Spring 2024. Get ready to bite into the next level of deliciousness! 🌭

Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs features the new 'Big Fatty' Beefy Butcher Dog. The poster is brightly colored with red, yellow, and blue accents, highlighting the skinless hot dog's features: no sugar, bold flakes of garlic and onion, gluten-free, milk-free, no MSG, maple wood smoked, no fillers, and no artificial flavors. It announces the product launch across over 10 states in Spring 2024

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