Eater Vegas (2024)

We're proud to announce that Atomic Golf in Las Vegas, LA, has featured us in Eater Vegas. They're serving up our Natural Cased Beefy Butcher Dog & Roasted Jalapeño Wiener topped with cheesy street corn, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & much more, all while you immerse yourself in a golf experience built around fun and games.

Promotional flyer for Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs featuring Atomic Golf, Las Vegas, a new entertainment dining activity hybrid, opening on March 22, 2024. The flyer includes an image of a loaded hot dog topped with jalapeños, cheese, and Cheetos, and invites people to enjoy their skinless beefy butcher dog and other toppings. Contact details and social media handles for Snap-O-Razzo are provided at the bottom

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