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  1. Where can I buy Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs?
    1. Currently, Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs can be purchased online at www.snaporazzo.com/collections or in various retail stores in Nevada and Utah, with more locations being added. We will also be offering our hot dogs in stadiums and at festivals, with more details to come. For foodservice clients, we can supply our hot dogs to you via our large network of distributors. Please fill out a vendor form on our Vendors Page or email info@snaporazzo.com with your inquiry.


    1. How much does it cost to ship the hot dogs?
      1. For most states, shipping will be a flat $15 per box. For others, it will be a calculated rate. This includes a styrofoam cooler, cardboard box, and gel packs to keep your dogs chilled in transit. We are continually working with FedEx to negotiate the best rates for our customers.
    2. Where do you ship to?
      1. We ship to all states within the U.S.
    3. Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
      1. Currently we do not ship our hot dogs internationally via e-commerce, but plans are in the works. If you are interested in overseas bulk foodservice orders, please contact info@snaporazzo.com.
    4. When will my hot dogs be delivered?
      1. We ONLY ship out on Monday and Tuesday to ensure your hot dogs do not get delayed and held up in a FedEx facility. We feel this is the best way to protect our customers from frustration due to shipping companies. You can expect to receive your hot dogs within 3-9 days from placing your order.
    5. Do you deliver on Saturday?
      1. We currently do not deliver on Saturdays to reduce shipping costs for our customers.
    6. Can I overnight my hot dogs?
      1. Currently we do not have an option for such expedited shipping.
    7. Why does my FedEx tracking number not show any information?
      1. The FedEx tracking information will not update until FedEx scans the package, and there may also be a delay updating to their system. Rest assured, you will receive email or text updates for your order when confirmed, processed, shipped, and delivered, but don’t hesitate to reach out to info@snaporazzo.com with your Order # if you have any questions.


      1. How do I cook my Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs?
        1. We have two recommended methods for cooking your wieners in order to get the ultimate hot dog eating experience. Of course, cook them however you prefer, but Chef recommends rolling the beef hot dogs low and slow on a lightly oiled griddle and gently simmering the pork & beef hot dogs in fresh water. See our Chef’s Tips page for detailed instructions, and share pics of your favorite cooking method on our socials @snaporazzo on Facebook and Instagram!
      2. What is the best way to store the hot dogs?
        1. Our hot dogs can stay fresh in the fridge for months, with an ideal max refrigeration time of 3 months from when you receive them. For long term storage, feel free to put them in the freezer for up to 11 months and thaw overnight in the fridge or under cool running water in manufacturer sealed packaging when ready to use. Chef and the team have conducted extensive studies to ensure freshness and preserve that naturally juicy snap for as long as possible.
      3. Do Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs contain gluten, dairy, or MSG?
        1. Our Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs are gluten free, dairy free, and no added MSG. They are also free from artificial flavors and additives.
      4. What kind of casing is used for the hot dogs?
        1. Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs sold on the website are natural cased. They are made with delicious, high quality, natural lamb casings imported from Europe. 


        1. Can I get a refund?
          1. We want every customer to be happy and eat our hot dogs with a smile on their face! If for any reason you are not satisfied, please reach out to us at info@snaporazzo.com including your Order # and additional details.