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Andy Wang

Food & Wine Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine

That snap, man. That snap is nostalgic and tremendously satisfying. That snap is unforgettable. That snap takes me back to New York street carts and delis. Thanks for bringing back the memories and also for showing us the future, Snap-O-Razzo.

Mike Hiller

The Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News

No matter how you cook them — steamed, simmered, sizzled on the grill, or lazily plumped in a microwave — these are damn good hotdogs. Vegetarians find a loophole. No one should pass up a Snap-O-Razzo”.

Bob Sambol

Bob’s Steak & Chop House, Former Hofmann Sausage National Brand Manager

I grew up in New York and New Jersey eating hot dogs. Enjoying a good hot dog was often talked about at family functions and with friends. I even got in the hot dog business a few years back. Your product brings me back to the flavors I remember as a kid. I have always said, “Hot dogs skipped a generation.” Ralph Perrazzo’s passion has brought it back with Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs.

John Fox

Hot Dog Expert, Northeast Hot Dog Ambassador from the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Co-Founder of The Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour

Eating and writing about hot dogs is my hobby. I have sampled dozens of brands and eaten at close to two hundred hot dog establishments. At the top of my list of favorites are Snap-O-Razzo brand hot dogs. They are high quality as well as delicious. The pork/beef blend has a unique, coarser texture and a wonderful blend of spices. The only mixed meat frank I will prepare in water as it is specially made to be prepared that way. I enjoy the all-beef franks prepared low and slow on a griddle. These are like the dogs you get in New York delis only with better quality beef and a richer, smokier flavor. Both franks are top of the line examples of their type and highly recommended. You won't find better quality frankfurters anywhere. If you love hot dogs, you must try these. Well worth going out of your way to find.

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"I grew up in New York and my memories of ballpark franks, dirty water street dogs and Grays Papaya are deeply woven into my childhood happiest comfort food experiences and connections. The Snap-O-Razzo brand hotdogs, both the beef and the pork and beef mix, changes my childhood memories and elevates them to a modern gourmet eating experience. The snap is what gives you the textural satisfaction followed by a fully seasoned and ultra-juicy filling. I could eat Snap-O-Razzo every day for the rest of my life. Thank you, Ralph, for doing what nobody else has accomplished!"

Chef Rick Moonen

"Not only do the Snap-O-Razzo dogs taste phenomenal, super juicy, and have an incredible snap, it reminds me of watching a baseball game with my pops eating a dog on Saturday afternoon. Great flavor even better memories!"

Chef John Courtney

Owner, Chop Shop Park City

"Want a great hot dog, there are plenty to choose from. Want a great hot dog that is obviously made with better ingredients than anyone else? Then this is it, this is the first time I have eaten a hot dog (or three) and didn't have any after effect."

David Leibner

Owner, ItsOnMe® / Gift Local

Snap-O-Razzo are fabulous Hot Dogs! They were amazing! Plump, juicy, great flavor! Can’t wait to have some again!

Chef Sonia El-Nawal

Owner, Rooster Boy Cafe

Everyone has the nostalgia or their best, favorite dog! Time to share with new generations! This one is over the top thought out! Great snap, low salinity, slight smoke, quality u can taste! Can’t wait to have them on Johnny C’s Diner menu!

Chef Johnny Church II

Owner, Johnny C’s Diner

Growing up in New York, hot dogs have always been a staple food for me. The perfect snap that Snap-O-Razzo has and just the right amount of smoke and seasoning makes them so easy to eat and crave again and again. Takes me back to being a kid, perfect food for game day, day off or late-night snack.

Chef Marc Marone Graffiti Bao

Owner Graffiti Bao

I think it’s really great seeing chefs look at their favorite foods and choosing to dedicate themselves to the craft of making those items better. The simplicity of the snaporazzo hot dog reveals dedication to execution without sacrificing quality. The texture of the bite is perfect, from the snap to the seasoning to the light smoke, it’s the best dog around.

James Trees

Chef/Owner, Esther’s Kitchen

Chef Ralph has a remarkable and unyielding passion for quality and technique with all things meat - it’s not in his nature to settle. He is a purist and has mastered the skill of taking traditional concepts and amplifying them, but keeping the original essence as the star of the show.

It takes real skill and real love to take something as classic and as simple as a hot dog and refining the process with high quality ingredients to bring the world what I believe is the tastiest, juiciest, and highest quality dog available, period. The snap, the juice, the texture & flavor of the meat - it’s the new standard of hot dogs, Snap-O-Razzo sets the bar high and the competition isn’t even close. It was love at first bite, and will be the tastiest wiener you’ll ever put in your mouth, without question.

Gill Hayon

President, AVGear US

"Snap-O-Razzo hot dogs just might be the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten ... "

Chef Brian Howard

Owner, Sparrow + Wolf

"Growing up in Germany, every time you go to a local butcher shop, they give the kids a "wiener". Having had the pleasure of trying some of Ralph's "Snap-O-Razzo" Hot Dogs, it brought back a lot of memories from the old days and how things should taste. I would call it the Best Hot Dog available today. Nice and juicy with a lot of flavor."

Chef Michael Stamm

VP Operations, MGP Specialty Food

"Being in the fine dining restaurant business my whole life, I know quality. Traveling Europe and the United States this is the best Hot Dog/Weiner I have ever had!"

Nick Palmeri

Owner, Gaetano’s Ristorante

"A hot dog that tastes great is one thing, a hot dog that tastes great and doesn't give you agita after is another."

Regina Bonello

Bad Ass Mom and Loving Sister of Chef Ralph Perrazzo

Truly exceptional hot dogs! The attention to detail that Ralph has put into his product shows - great texture, flavor, and just the right amount of smoke. The natural casings provide the perfect snap/pop and hold up exceptionally well. These are an elevated iteration of what is often looked at as basic backyard bbq & street vendor food. I highly recommend trying both the beef and the pork & beef dogs!

Chef Joe Swan

Regional Executive Chef / Corporate Chef Michael Symon Group

The wiener other wieners want to be. Snap-O-Razzo Puts the Foot in Frankfurter.

Gary FX LaMorte

Founder, Honest Hospitality Team

Let’s talk about hotdogs. My first experience as a young kid, my uncle took me to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone Roller Coaster. What a scary, thrilling, breathtaking experience. My Uncle Frankie said, "there is one thing that will change your world." He took me over to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. Wow, what a hotdog. The snap, the flavor.

Now, let’s talk about Snap-O-Razzo hotdogs. My name is Geno Bernardo, 47-year-old chef living and working in Las Vegas. My first taste and cooking of Snap-O-Razzo was when my roommate brought home a sample. We fired them up and followed the instructions, then dove in and chowed down.

Hands down, without a doubt, THE best hotdog ever.

Chef Geno Bernardo

Executive Chef, The Summit Club / A Discovery Land Company Community