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Snap-O-Razzo Hot Dogs®

ビーフホットドッグ - バックアップ

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Get the best of both worlds in this combo pack that contains 7.5-inch all-beef hot dogs designed to replicate Chef Ralph's childhood memories of the hot dogs he loved at many of New York City’s best kosher delis and 7.5-inch water dogs with a custom blended grind for an amazing snap while staying plump, tender, and juicy. 
Man does not live by foie gras alone. It's a noble thing to make a damn good hot dog.®
- Anthony Bourdain

  • Two 16.2oz packs (over 2 lbs) of all-beef hot dogs
  • Two 16.2oz packs (over 2 lbs) of pork & beef hot dogs
  • 6 hot dogs per pack - that's 24 total hot dogs
  • Linked, maple wood smoked all-beef and pork & beef hot dogs in natural lamb casing
  • All-beef wieners perfect for the griddle
  • Pork & beef wieners best simmered in water






鉄板がありませんか? 小さな天板を取り、ホイルで裏打ちし、カノーラオイルを少し加えて、コンロに置きます。


  • 無グルテンの
  • 乳製品フリー
  • MGS、フィラー、添加剤、または人工香料
  • ほとんどのホットドッグブランドよりもタンパク質が多く、脂肪とナトリウムが少ない


  • 容器あたり6人前
  • サービングサイズ:1リンク(76g)
  • カロリー:200
  • 総脂肪:16g(21%DV)
  • 飽和脂肪:7g(35%DV)
  • トランス脂肪:0g
  • コレステロール:50g(17%DV)
  • ナトリウム590mg(26%DV)
  • 総炭水化物:3g(1%DV)
  • 食物繊維:0g
  • 総糖分:1g
  • 0gの追加砂糖が含まれています
  • たんぱく質:9g


How to cook

Snap-O-Razzo Beef Hot Dogs are meant to be cooked low and slow on a griddle to achieve that delicious, snappy outer casing with a touch of caramelization and a juicy, flavorful center. Meant to bring back memories and nostalgia of the hot dogs found in many of New York City’s best Jewish delis, these natural cased wieners are specifically designed to be cooked in a similar way. 

Line your griddle with foil and a touch of canola oil. Cook at a low temperature, rolling dogs periodically on a foil lined griddle, low and slow. Roll hot dogs until you reach your desired crispness - Chef suggests for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. He usually chars them longer when he is in the mood for a super crispy one!

Don’t have a griddle? Just take a small baking sheet, line it with foil, add a touch of canola oil, and place on your stovetop burner at a low temperature.


Snap-O-Razzo Pork & Beef Hot Dogs are best cooked in a saucepan or pot with just enough water to cover them, bringing them up to temp low and slow for about 10 – 15 mins. If you live in an area with tap water that is not drinkable, Chef recommends using filtered or bottled water.

  • Maple hardwood smoked
  • Custom, old-world inspired hot dogs with a unique, clean all-natural spice profile
  • Natural lamb casings from New Zealand
  • No MSG, fillers, or additives
  • Zero unnatural  flavors
  • Higher in protein and lower in fat & sodium than most brands
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free

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